Graham Blaine

I was born in Birmingham and in the early 1950s attended Moseley Road Secondary Art School, Birmingham where I specialized in learning the skills of silversmithing, then going on to Margaret St. College of Art, Birmingham to study Industrial Design. After two years National Service my professional career was in Product Design, which included making prototypes.

Retiring early from my full time job as a development engineer in 2000 I can now spend time on painting. One day a week during term time I spend silversmithing at Vittoria St. School of Silversmithing and Jewellery. (Part of Birmingham City University)

I produce most of my work from sketches of colour roughs I have done 'on the spot' then work them up into finished paintings in the studio on stretched watercolour paper. If need be I will use my own photographs to support my sketches or to produce ideas for finished work.