Kathryn Pattitt

The part of Warwickshire North West of Avon was the old Forest of Arden with the dominant tree being the oak due to its love of the clay rich soils. In many parts the oak tree and forest are considered sacred and the Forest of Arden is celebrated, for example, in Shakespeare’s play ‘As you like it’.


The tree has symbolically or metaphorically represented a balance between the physical and spiritual aspects of human existence; the body is connected and rooted in the physical earth, yet the human spirit is inexorably drawn, like leaves and limbs, toward the light of the spiritual sun.

My local surroundings have become inspiration for this new series of work. I have always been fascinated by trees particularly those in local woods and parks. Not searching for a perfect landscape I am interested in exploring deeper feelings of spiritual sustenance and the connection with nature through the lines, shapes and surface qualities of trees.

Artists Website:  www.kathrynpettitt.co.uk