Emma Palmer

Art Having trained as a textile designer in the 1980s at Dewsbury & Batley Art College, West Yorkshire, it had been my great regret that I felt I'd missed the opportunity to pursue a career in art and design however in 2015 I began to rekindle my artistic interests by drawing and creating designs. 

My work is highly illustrative and much of it so far is more design-led as opposed to fine art, featuring a combination of ink pens on watercolour paper, acrylics on canvas. I feel that the design-led theme connects me back to my roots in textile design, and draws on many of the themes that I am personally drawn to.

My primary interest is in creating images of stylised animals as I have a passion for all creatures great and small. I aim to capture expression in animalistic faces which some would say is attempting to humanise them, however I see this as an extension of the way in which we connect with art and attribute human qualities to animals.


Artists Email:  emmapalmer2302@gmail.com