Artist A-I

Stephanie Adams

Decaying architecture revealing fragmentary surfaces has long inspired my artwork, the detail within the layers, forms and spaces. I know there is still a strong link to my textile art in my painting portfolio. Many of the techniques I used in my textile pieces are used when creating paintings – layering, construction and de-construction. The use of light and contrasting tone are fundamental. Exhibited in venues in Great Britain 
Including London, Glasgow and Midland galleries Founder member of Genesis Textile Group and Troika (Exhibiting)

Laura Adkins


After leaving school I did an Art Foundation Course at Bournville and a degree in graphic design at Brighton.I’ve worked as a graphic designer, art technician and children’s book author and illustrator (having done a master’s degree in llustration at BCU in 2008). Since 2009 I’ve been developing and exhibiting my mixed media work, ceramics and photography. I enjoy mixed media because I like working with a variety of material and tools. I often combine                ceramics with acrylic paint in a picture, using ceramic objects in the foreground. I may also use          wood, collage, textiles and texture pastes. I try to create scenes with texture and depth. In recent years my inspiration has included gardens, seaside, castles, autumn and Shakespeare.

Ivona Carins

I am interested in my response to the subject I paint, which tends to be the landscape. Using thick, heavy paper, which can cope with lots and lots of washes is the best, or smooth canvas, on which the paint can be pored in thin layers and then scratched or washed away is my preferred method.

I love the actual process of painting and being experimental and different and yet maintaining your individual style. It is all challenging, exiting and can be frustrating and one always wants to improve. Therefore sharing this experience with other artists is very important for me.

Fareeda Carroll

I enjoy the life of painting with its therapeutic benefits and giving pleasure to others.  I like exploring and experimenting  with different mediums and textures in order  to develop the atmospheric and effective intensity of my paintings. I like   getting   lost in my creations, mixing  the colours into  an explosion of energy forcing onlookers to be transported into a different dimension. I always endeavour to challenge myself using different techniques to improve my skills. The most satisfying part of painting is giving part of myself to others.

Avril Edward

Avril Edward gained a BA and Ma in Fine Art at the University of Central England, since then she has exhibited regularly in both Country Parks and gallery’s across the UK. Avril’s sculptural forms are distorted and unnatural in their shape and size, evoking a sense of fun and playfulness. Using mundane materials Avril combines nature and the artificial. She is particularly fascinated by manmade materials with regard to their colour, form or texture, often produced for everyday use, and then to be discarded.

Pamela Gregg

Art for me is a vehicle for responses to my experience throughout my journey of life with it’s inevitable loss and subsequent grief. Words for me do not fully convey my reactions and responses to differing emotional stages. Creating art helps to record and interpret the stages and progress throughout emerging confusion, guilt and recovery. The act of making art demands focus and commitment to an outcome that conveys it’s intention in a universal manner. Explanations of any interpretation can bring greater depth of understanding to the intention but the piece is interpreted individually by the audience and this needs to convey a strong conceptual purpose. The audience beauty is not the main focus within my work intrigue and recognition of the visual message are more important.

Gayle Hodges

I am an artist working in various genres using oil paints, acrylics and pastels. My early paintings were mainly of domestic pets or family members; in later years I received commissions for both animal and human portraits. After retirement from a well known bank I gained a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art. My final show paintings were large scale, semi-abstract landscapes which were all purchased by Solihull College and are displayed around the campus. I am fascinated by surface and textures in the natural world, in particular rocks and pebbles in coastal areas. My latest paintings are mainly seascapes usually painted from my own photographs taken in traditional British holiday resorts. Most of these show a combination of the movement of the sea and the erosion of the otherwise unchanging rocks.